'New Mothers'

The debut by Low River - an echoey acoustic record that breezes past you in a field of alt-country and pop melodies, where the R&B beats can be heard marching towards you from over the horizon.

Yes, Paul stays true to the Americana theme with songs like ‘In Time’ and opener ‘The Flood’, but the majority of ‘New Mothers’ is a riotous blend of acoustic riffs with rhythm & blues drums. This mash-up of styles can be found best in songs like ‘The Wolf That Cried Boy’ and ‘Fire’. The country never gets too cliché, the beats never get too synthetic, and the pop is fused with a melancholy that keeps the idea of blending country with R&B fresh instead of obvious.

Written and recorded by Paul Bardsley.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

Uploaded 28th October 2019.

Artwork by Gary Heaney and Paul Bardsley.